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Presidential Systems & Floor Monitor Systems

For your public speaking needs, Ansonia Prompting's Show Package includes: An Experienced Teleprompting Technician, 2 Laptop Computers, Scroller, Switcher, Blackburst Generator, Distribution Amplifier, Confidence Monitor, Bubble jet Printer & Littlelite. 

We then feed our signal to either a Presidential setup or to Floor Monitors.
Presidential Systems
Our  presidential  systems  are  ideal  for speakers who prefer podiums when addressing an audience.

One “Presidential” prompting system consists of 2 monitors and 2 pieces of glass which are placed on the front corners of a single lectern. All necessary cabling  is also included.

Ansonia uses flat panel monitors which are very low profile. Though the audience will see the glass they cannot see the words. The Presidential allows the presenter to make eye contact with the audience members while reading their remarks.

Please note that a Presidential System requires the presenter to remain at the lectern.

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Floor Monitor Systems

Our Floor Monitor Systems are ideal for speakers who prefer to have the freedom to move around the stage when addressing an audience.

For rehearsal purposes, we offer 15” flat panel monitors on stands with cabling.  We do not currently rent larger monitors, however, you can obtain larger monitors through your staging company and we can work directly with them to assure compatibility. Using floor monitors allows the presenter to walk the stage and see their remarks as they look towards the audience.

You can also use a combination of Presidential and Floor Monitors if you have presenters with different presentation styles.

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