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"Thru the Lens" Systems and Off Camera Systems

For your film or video needs, Ansonia Prompting's Standard Package includes: An Experienced Teleprompting TECHNICIAN, a Laptop Computer, Scroller, Distribution Amplifier, Confidence Monitor and all necessary cabling. 

We  then  feed  our  signal  to  either  a  “Thru  the  Lens” Prompter  or  to  “Off Camera” Monitors
"Thru the Lens" Prompters
Ansonia's  "Thru The Lens"  prompters  can  actually  be  either  Camera  Mounted  or  Free  Standing.

Camera mounted = our teleprompter physically attaches to the plate and tripod of the camera allowing it to move WITH the camera. Ideal for situations in which camera moves will be necessary as the speaker reads.

Free standing = our  teleprompter  is mounted  on  a  stand  which is placed in front of the camera… the camera can still shoot “through” the prompter but moves will be limited.  The Free Standing system can also be placed away from the camera for an “interview style” look.

Ansonia offers the following systems for Film/Video.

15 inch prompter
  • 15” Thru the Lens/ On-Camera

  • Weight: 18 pounds

  • Readable distance: 2 to 35 feet

  • Camera mounted or Free standing
12 inch prompter
  • 12" Thru the Lens/ On-Camera 

  • Weight: 12 pounds

  • Readable distance: 2 to 25 feet

  • Camera mounted or Free standing
6 inch prompter
  • 6” Thru the Lens/ On-Camera

  • Perfect for Handheld 

  • Weight: Under 4 pounds

  • Readable distance: 2 to 8 feet

All "Thru the Lens" packages include a monitor, a prompter mounting plate or stand, a hood with prompter glass, and all necessary cabling.

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Off-Camera Systems/Side Monitors

This package includes 2 monitors and 2 stands and can be used interview-style or in a role play scenario. Ansonia uses flat panel monitors which are lightweight and set up in minutes.

We also can accommodate shoots requiring a battery-operated prompter system.

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